PULLMAN, Wash. – The Washington State University “Training for Supervisors” series for 2013-14 will begin Wednesday, Sept. 11, with a discussion about position descriptions, expectations and annual reviews. Additional topics in the series include workplace communication, fair labor standards, equal opportunity issues and others critical to effective supervision. 
Civil service entry-level supervisors and managers are required to begin this training within six months of their appointment – 12 months if organizational circumstances require their attendance be postponed.  Entry-level supervisors and managers who feel they may be exempt from the training can download, complete and return the audit form (see link below) to Employee Training and Development, campus zip code 1014.
WSU Human Resource Services continues the training in accordance with civil service reform and WAC 357-34 and strongly encourages all supervisors – including those exempt from the WAC requirement – to attend all or selected portions of this series. The workshops have been updated to reflect current statutes, trends and practices.
The 2013-14 series will be available statewide via AMS Videoconferencing Services. Find the schedule and register online at http://hrs.wsu.edu/supervisor.