SPOKANE, Wash. – A pharmaceutical scientist from the Penn State cancer and neuroscience institutes and a pharmacy practitioner who was last year’s president of the Washington State Pharmacy Association have joined the faculty at the Washington State University College of Pharmacy in Spokane.
They are two of the four new faculty joining the college in July. All were hired to fill vacant positions.
LiuDavid X. Liu has been at the Penn State University College of Medicine since 2006, where he worked in the Penn State Cancer Institute, the Penn State Neuroscience Institute and the Department of Neural and Behavioral Sciences. He has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics from City University of New York. He began work July 1 as an associate professor in the WSU Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
AkersJulie Akers has been a practicing pharmacist and manager at Bartell Drugs – and most recently at The Everett Clinic – since her graduation in 2000 from WSU with a doctor of pharmacy degree. She served in 2012 as president of the Washington State Pharmacy Association and has been on the WSU College of Pharmacy’s Dean’s Advisory Council since 2008. She will join the college at the end of July as a clinical assistant pharmacy professor.
Two others also started work in July as clinical assistant professors of pharmacy.
RemsbergConnie Remsberg has spent the last two years as a postdoc at the University of California in San Francisco. She graduated from WSU with a doctor of pharmacy in 2010 and with a Ph.D. in pharmaceutical sciences in 2011.
PantherShannon G. (Irving) Panther graduated from the WSU College of Pharmacy in 2005, worked for a year with Target Corp. and has been with Costco Wholesale since 2006, most recently as pharmacy manager of mail order. She is a licensed pharmacist in Washington, Arkansas, Kentucky, Arizona, Nebraska, Illinois, Virginia, Tennessee, Oregon, Louisiana, Hawaii and Mississippi.
Yungsheng Yuan is a visiting scientist who will be working for Liu for a year. Yuan is also coming from Penn State College of Medicine.

Yidi Xu is a research technician who will be working for Liu for a year.



Lorraine Nelson, WSU College of Pharmacy communications, lanelson@wsu.edu, 509-368-6771