Though it sounds like an oxymoron, here at the WSU Creamery, we REALLY ARE here to help you! Yes, we are an entity of the state. Yes, our employees are state workers. Yes, we receive every holiday known to mankind. BUT …

Did you know that since the mid-1970’s the WSU Creamery has been self-funded? That means our staff wages and benefits are paid out of the proceeds of the sale of cheese and ice cream. Our operational costs are covered too.

We pay some of the wages of faculty and staff in the WSU/UI Bi-State School of Food Science (SFS). We also fund RA’s in the SFS. Since 2008 we have funded scholarships for students in the SFS.

We employ students from all parts of the university, where in addition to wages, they gain valuable skills and experience.

We built and have paid for expansion of our cheese aging facility, the Creamery Annex. All this without draining any of your taxes.

But wait – there’s more! The WSU Creamery and Ferdinand’s Ice Cream Shoppe can make your holiday shopping and gift-giving so easy. Ferdinand’s is open 9:30 – 4:30 Monday through Wednesday this week.

So stop in, or call (800)457-5442, or go on-line at to stock up on cheese. Have a great holiday!

Go Cougs!