Tired of chronic dieting? The Mindful Eating Workshop helps you practice the principles of mindful eating by rejecting the diet mentality, managing your feelings without using food, and normalizing your relationship with food. Mindful eating provides a way of eating that is healthy for your mind, body and spirit. The philosophy of mindful eating focuses on listening to what your body is telling you, rebuilding a positive and healthy body image, and “rediscovering the pleasures of eating.”

During this workshop especially designed for the chronic dieter, you will learn about the principles of honoring your hunger, discovering the satisfaction factor, and coping with emotions without using food. Participants will discuss: The benefits of being mindful of the different aspects of the food you eat and, the benefits your body is receiving while you are eating the food, how you can gain more satisfaction from the food you eat by practicing mindful techniques while eating, how you can savor the food you eat more by mindful eating techniques.
For complete scheduling details and to register online, visit: http://hrs.wsu.edu/skillsoft/default.aspx?c=ilt_wsu_WELL_774