PULLMAN, Wash. – Business, law and ethics topics will be explored in a free, public symposium, “Business and the Bill of Rights,” 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 5, in Todd Hall 278 at Washington State University.  
Registration is required. The deadline to register is Tuesday, Nov. 1.  A free optional lunch is available. Register online here.    
Themed to coincide with the 220th anniversary of the Bill of Rights, the annual symposium is sponsored by the WSU College of Business, the WSU Department of Accounting, Cengage Learning of Thomson Southwestern Publishing, EideBailly, and the University of Idaho College of Law.
Topics will include:
  • Accounting for fraud: Fourth Amendment search and seizure issues
  • The Bill of Rights and state constitutions: The interplay between state and federal approaches to constitutions
  • Accountants and the Bill of Rights: Benefits or burdens?
  • CPAs and lawyers together: What are the ethical challenges to both professions in business together?
  • Business and the Bill of Rights: The First Amendment and considerations for business across the board  
  • Law, ethics and business: Profiles in courage when the Bill of Rights is under siege (Japanese internment camps, civil rights struggle, etc.)
  • Corporations, “persons” and the Bill of Rights: Business protected, business exposed



Linda Pall, WSU Business Law, lpall@wsu.edu, 509-335-8541 
Sarah B. Druffel, WSU College of Business, sarah.druffel@wsu.edu, 509-335-4345