Next week is Employee Appreciation week so join the fun beginning this weekend. Entry to Student Recreation Center will be free for all WSU staff during this week. Saturday treat yourself to a FREE comprehensive fitness assessment including, but not limited to: flexibility, cardio-respiratory endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and body composition, and on Sunday a Zumba class at the SRC!

While you’re at the SRC take a tour of the facility and attend a weight room and cardio equipment orientation.

Also, as a part of WSU Employee Appreciation Week, we invite you to attend a Challenge program designed for WSU employees. This day focuses on creating a more effective workplace, communication, and team building. Grab your office mates and attend as a group!

For more information on the rest of the week’s activities, please visit the APAC website as many classes are available via AMS,  

Contact: Gayle Anderson