Have some fun this year with a unique Intramurals experience. University Recreation is hosting a 4x4x4 Kickball Tournament on October 1. Each team will consist of 4 players and each game will consist of 3 teams. Team #1 will start the game by batting/kicking and teams 2 and 3 will start the game in the field. After 3 outs are recorded, Team #2 will kick and Team #1 will field with Team #3. The same process will take place for Team #3. Each team is guaranteed at least 2 games with the price of entry and will earn points toward their playoff seeding. The cost for this event is $16 and registration closes September 28. For more information or to register, please visit https://urec.wsu.edu/register/ItemDetails.aspx?id=7144 or call 335-UREC.