1. Are you a US Citizen
2. Age 20-30 years
3. Seeking employment in a professional, white collar position (within 6 months to one year)
4. Looking for job(s) that would require a Federal security clearance
5. OR have an active Federal security clearance

If you can answer yes to questions 1-4 (or 5 if applicable) please call to schedule an interview. Interviews take about 30 minutes, will be conducted in Wilson-Short Hall 133 (located across the mall from the WSU Wilson-Compton Union), and will take place on Friday (Sept 23rd) only.

We have just a few slots, so please call 335-1512* to schedule an interview. Thank you, Rita Koontz

*If no answer, please leave your name and phone number (please say phone number twice) and I’ll call back in the order received.