PULLMAN, WA – Pullman Transit buses will get a full Washington State University makeover thanks to an agreement reached Sept. 20. 
In a unanimous vote, the Pullman City Council approved a plan to wrap the city’s buses in a newly designed Cougar Spirit theme. Initially, two buses will receive the design treatment, with an option to wrap more in the future.

“We couldn’t be more excited to see these buses with their new Cougar look,” said Pullman mayor and WSU professor Glenn Johnson following the Council’s formal approval. 
Johnson’s sentiment was echoed by Pullman Transit officials. 
“This will be the biggest change ever in the appearance of our buses,” said Rod Thornton, Pullman Transit manager. “We can’t wait to share the new design with the community.”
The design of the buses will remain a closely guarded secret until a formal unveiling in mid-October.  But WSU designer David Hoyt said he believes people will be pleasantly surprised.
“We talked about representing Cougar pride and community spirit,” said Hoyt. “Having such a large canvas to work with meant thinking big, literally and figuratively, and I think we’ve achieved both.”
The project came about as a celebration of the successful partnership between the City of Pullman and WSU. The cost for each bus will be slightly more than $6,000. State funds won’t be used. Rather, WSU’s trademark and licensing revenues are being used. These funds come from fans and supporters of WSU through the purchasing of WSU apparel.

Pullman Transit is the most productive transit system in the state, measured by rides provided per hour, and rivals many in the nation. The transit system provided more than 1.4 million rides in 2010 and is now on track to provide more than 1.5 million rides in 2011.  Approximately 88 percent of all riders are connected to WSU.
A formal unveiling of the new bus design is scheduled for 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 15, at the Cougar Pride statue (next to the Martin Stadium ticket office) on Stadium Way.
Source contact:
Rod Thornton, Pullman Transit, 509-332-6535
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Darin Watkins, WSU News, 509-595-2012, darin.watkins@wsu.edu