PULLMAN, Wash. – A female golden eagle found weak and unable to fly near Lewiston, Idaho, has been successfully rehabilitated and will be released by Washington State University veterinarian Nickol Finch today.
Today’s public release will be at Upper Goose Pasture just off Hwy. 95, three miles east of Lewiston, at 3:15 p.m.
The bird was found in June by a person exercising dogs in the popular area. Initially, the good Samaritan left the eagle alone thinking it might have been resting and would recover on its own.  The next day, however, the bird was found again – weaker and on the ground – so the person bundled up the eagle and brought it to WSU’S Veterinary Teaching Hospital.
It was never determined exactly what the bird was suffering from other than dehydration, weakness and unwillingness to fly.
On admission, it weighed about 5 pounds. Throughout its stay at WSU, the eagle was given supportive care and good nutrition. Today, the bird’s weight is almost 9 pounds.
Media contact:
Charlie Powell, College of Veterinary Medicine, 509-335-7073, cpowell@vetmed.wsu.edu