PULLMAN, Wash. – WSU Police recorded five reports of wallets stolen on the Pullman campus on Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 30 and 31. All have been recovered with only cash missing.
In three of the thefts, the wallets were taken from purses left unattended in offices.
One of the thefts was in Clark Hall, one in Bustad and two in the Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility (ADBF). Another wallet was taken while the victim was in the CUB.

The thefts were crimes of opportunity. To help ensure the security of items, employees are reminded to lock their office doors, even if the rooms are vacant only for a short time, and to not leave items unattended in a public area.
WSU is actively investigating the cases. Anyone with information is asked to call WSU Police at 335-8548.

If you see someone acting suspicious in your area, or a theft in progress, call 911.