PULLMAN, Wash. – Lloyd G. Cyr’s alma mater wasn’t just something he put on a resume. It represented a time, a place, and countless memories he held close to his heart throughout his life.
His final tribute to Washington State University came in the form of a bequest of more than $300,000 to the Cougar Marching Band.
“Lloyd had fond memories of WSU, especially of the marching band,” said Julius “Pete” Peterson, Cyr’s companion of 42 years. “If WSU football was on TV, everything else was canceled. He was always looking for halftime, and if the fight song came on he would get up and march around the room as if he was leading the band.”
Cyr played clarinet with the (then) Washington State College band for three years, having transferred to WSC after his freshman year in junior college in Yakima, Wash.


“He was very proud of having been in the band—it meant a lot to him,” Peterson said. “I know that was the reason he decided to make the bequest to the band.”

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