For those students who may receive checks from Financial Aid/Student Accounts, Payroll or Travel/Accounts Payable, please be aware that these checks will be mailed to the street address of the recipient’s housing contract — which is not the mailing or home address in zzusis. If students do not wish University-issued checks to be mailed to their residence hall or University-owned apartment, then they should consider authorizing direct deposit. Staff from Payroll Services will be at the all-university picnic on Friday to assist individuals in authorizing direct deposit. New enrollees will be eligible to enter our drawing for a NOOK reader!

Department personnel can view the campus address in DEPPS by using the Name Search function and selecting the record and press PF3, then press PF1 to toggle address to Campus.

A future change is in the works to display the campus address within zzusis. Students can enroll in direct deposit for Financial Aid and Travel/Accounts Payable checks by going to the My Profile section of zzusis. Students can enroll in direct deposit for Payroll by completing the enrollment procedures on our website at this link: