Central Receiving is holding the following packages with incomplete or inaccurate delivery information.
1. UPS ground package from Spectrum Laboratories containing Spectra/POR 4 dialysis tubing, 12-14K MWCO, 25MM flat width, 100 foot.
2. UPS ground package from FMP containing fryer pellets. The shipping label says WSU Concessions, 225 N Grand Ave.
3. UPS ground ordered from General Tool & Supply (drop shipped from Ametek) containing 1 ea CMA-2200 series crane scale, single display, 2200 x .05 lbs.
4. UPS ground package from Office Depot containing 1 box of MediChoice elastic bandages, 2 in x 5 yds.
5. FedEx ground package from CDW Computer Centers, containing Thermamark, 3.25″ x 100′, 2-ply white/canary. Customer PO no. IHN1151.
6. FedEx ground package ordered from Cardinal (drop shipped from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics) containing 1 box of diff-quick stain set: S/P.
7. UPS ground package from PSS one case of steril gauze sponges 12 ply – 3″ x 3″.
8. UPS ground package from Office Depot (drop shipped from Owens & Minor) 1 case of MediChoice can liners 30X36 white 0.9 mil.
9. UPS 1-day package from Adventure in Advertising addressed to RFQ-1320-A5000LJ04 containing samples.