A list is being established to begin a new 12-passenger Public Transportation Benefit Area van pool. Drivers and riders are needed. Drivers will be compensated. Submit your name for the list while there are seats available.

This is a 12 passenger van, but the rider count will be kept at 11 for comfort. Riders will be picked up and dropped off in two locations: at the PTBA parking area in Clarkston and south of the Lewiston Tribune in a free parking lot.

The van leaves Clarkston at 6:10 a.m. and will depart the WSU campus at 4 p.m.  Monday-Friday, year round. Estimated average cost of a full van is expected to be under $100 for the entire month. Use the driving calculator at asotincoptba.com/ to see what your savings could be.

The PTBA offers a guaranteed ride home and after you have been a member for 6 months, you are entitled to one vacation week, reducing your bill by 1/4. You receive two vacation weeks every 12 months.