RICHLAND, Wash. — “Fueling for Follies: Biofuels, Boats & Butch” is an event that will bring hydroplanes, drivers, scientists, Butch the Washington State University mascot, and families together 4-7 p.m. Wednesday, July 27, at WSU Tri-Cities, 2710 Crimson Way.
Mike Webster
Ken Muscatel

Participants will be able to view several unlimited hydroplanes, including vintage boats like Miss Thriftway, Miss Wahoo and the Air National Guard display boat. Also present to meet the public will be retired hydro drivers and Butch T. Cougar.


Other activities include presentations about bio-jet fuels, and hands-on activities conducted by WSU’s Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement program that’s designed to help connect kids with math, engineering and science.

A brief program at 5 p.m. will provide an overview of the biofuels being developed by research scientists at WSU Tri-Cities, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and InnovaTek Inc. in Richland. These scientists are researching ways to transform biomass — such as agriculture waste — into new fuels, chemicals, and products that will reduce our nation’s dependence upon oil. Speakers include Scott Carson, WSU Regent and retired Boeing Co. executive, and Sam Cole, H1 Unlimited chair.

Boats and drivers expected at Fueling for Follies include:
  • U-5 Graham Trucking (boat)
  • U-7 (boat)
  • U-22 Great Scott presents Matrix Systems (boat) and driver Mike Webster
  • U-57 backup driver Bianca Bononcini
  • Retired driver Chip Hanauer
  • U-25 driver Dr. Ken Muscatel
  • U-21 Miss Albert Lee driver Brian Perkins
  • U-88 Degree Men (boat)
  • U-96 Spirit of Qatar driver Dave Villwock
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Directions to campus: Go north on George Washington Way, pass Hanford High, and turn onto Sprout Road. Food, including hot dogs and snow cones, will be available for purchase.