Photos by Shelly Hanks, WSU Photo Services
R.B. Tukey Horticulture Orchard on the WSU Pullman campus has been in full bloom the past couple weeks, with bees busy at work helping polinate the trees and plants.
Tukey Orchard provides a haven for students and faculty that allows for hands-on teaching, research and/or extension work. Surplus produce from the orchard is sold to the general public, which provides funding for annual operations.
The 10-acre orchard boasts 83 varieties of apples; 11 varieties of pears; six varieties of sweet cherries; a small stone fruit variety block with tart cherries, 11 peach varieties, eight apricot varieties, three prune varieties and two nectarine varieties; three strawberry varieties; and 20+ varieties of cane berries. It also includes three acres of trees used by the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences Organic Farm.
While the blooms have been thick, orchard officials are watching through mid-June to see if the the fruit sets.
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