PULLMAN — The zzusis Campus Community trainings sessions originally scheduled for Wednesday, June 8, have been rescheduled to Wednesday, June 15. Sessions also are available June 16.
It is recommended that at least one person per office attend an initial training session. More sessions will be scheduled over the next several weeks.
To sign up for a training session through WSU Skillport visit http://hrs.wsu.edu/zzusis and follow the instructions to register. 
Training sessions will use a “train the trainer” approach—training specific individuals in a hands-on classroom environment who then train and distribute information to others in their offices/units.
The in-class training session will be recorded and made available to a wider audience as a training support tool; more information will follow.
A memo regarding access to applications is being sent to vice presidents, chancellors and deans. They are being asked to assist in identifying and approving the appropriate level of access for their staff on the new system.
Campus Community, also known as Bio Demo Data, is a core information module where all person and external organization records are created and stored. It will be accessed via the zzusis portal.
For questions on this training please send an email to the zzusis training team at core.apps@wsu.edu.