Facility Operations is scheduled to begin work on May 21st at 12:01 am (midnight) to upgrade the Information Technology Building (ITB) cooling capacity by connecting ITB to the central WSU chilled water loop and to bring a new power panel online. This work will impact both power and cooling operations for ITB 1010 and 2176.

Both cooling and power to ITB 1010 and 2176 will be shut down on May 21st at 12:01 am (midnight). Power and server systems are anticipated to be restored by approximately 7:30 am on May 21st. During this time all servers in ITB 1010 and 2176, including all departmentally owned servers, will be shutdown. The power shutdown will allow a new panel to be brought on-line in ITB 1010.

Cooling in both ITB 1010 and ITB 2176 will continue to be limited and reduced to just air handlers until it is restored Sunday evening, May 22nd.

ITS understands that this may impact various departments that have servers housed in ITB; however this upgrade in power and cooling will ultimately make ITB 1010 and 2176 more efficient. The upgrade work may not last the entire time and services will be restored as soon as possible.

For questions about this upgrade contact Ray Lindquist at 335-0404 or lindquist@wsu.edu or the Help Desk at 509-335-HELP (4357) or helpdesk@wsu.edu.