Mopi sign 2010

PULLMAN, Wash. — Faculty, staff and graduate students are encouraged to let students know they can donate usable items to local charities before leaving, rather tossing them out or packing them home. Items might include clothing, electronics, food, furniture, books, etc.
To make donation easier, collection boxes will be available in all residence hall lobbies until May 8th. Donations can be dropped off From May 8-June 1in donation boxes at St. James Episcopal Church, the Congregational Church parking lot, Zoe’s Car Wash, or the Valley Playfield parking lot.
Pease only donate working and non-expired items.
For more information go to the WSU Wellbeing website.
Move Out, Pitch In 2010 Results!
Here’s a quick look at some of the stuff that was donated and redistributed in the Pullman community in 2010:
■34 rugs
■150 concrete blocks
■10 vacuums
■48 lamps
■33 fans
■44 televisions
■49 chairs
■14 couches/futons
■3657 pounds of food