PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington Secretary of State Sam Reed visited Washington State University late Thursday to encourage students to get involved in their communities by voting and other civic action.
Reed annually does a spring tour of college campuses statewide funded by the Help America Vote Act (HAVA), a federal law adopted in 2000 to assist voter education. He will be on the road eight days between April 11 and May 11.
“It’s important for students to realize their collective voice is powerful and that they need to exercise it through their ballot and through being involved,” Reed said.
Voters in the 18-24 age group remain the least engaged voting bloc in Washington, comprising 5 percent of those taking part in the 2010 general election. The 65-and-over age group made up 24 percent of November’s voter turnout, followed by ages 55-64 (23 percent), 45-54 (21 percent), 35-44 (15 percent) and 25-34 (11 percent).

“We hope to help college students realize why voting should matter to them and how their vote can influence the world around them,” Reed said.