PULLMAN – WSU Administrative Professional Advisory Council (APAC) is welcoming applications for new Administrative Professionals to fill vacancies on the council. The deadline for applications is Wednesday, March 30.
• Provides a mechanism for broad participation in matters of interest to AP personnel
• Represents the wide variety of AP personnel
• Provides a forum where AP employees may discuss university-related issues of mutual interest at monthly meetings
• Establishes and maintains communications with the administration
• Executive Members meets quarterly with President Elson S. Floyd and Provost Warwick Bayly
• An AP Survey was conducted and results were provided to the Administration and Regents
• APAC members provide representation on many key committees
• The APAC Chair attends Board of Regents meetings and reports about APAC activities
You can apply at this link http://www.apac.wsu.edu/APAC%20Application  and contact Gayle Anderson if you have any questions at anderson53@wsu.edu or 509-335-8344.