PULLMAN – WSU has approved three hours of work time for employees to attend Showcase events this Friday, March 25, and faculty may wish to encourage classes to attend the Academic Showcase poster session.
Showcase is WSU’s annual opportunity to better understand, highlight and celebrate the work and accomplishments of colleagues. For a schedule of events, see here. For more about Showcase, see http://showcase.wsu.edu.

Employees are approved to use three hours of work time to attend the morning Academic Showcase and/or the afternoon Distinguished Faculty Address. Faculty, staff and students are asked to schedule attendance with their supervisors so it does not disrupt university operations and so everyone may take advantage of the opportunity.

Faculty members who are teaching during the time of the Academic Showcase (9 a.m.-noon) are welcome to encourage students to attend the event in lieu of class if faculty believe the students might gain some benefit from attending. Faculty might have students write and hand in a short paper on a particular poster that is applicable to the class.

Faculty can make arrangements to have students sign in at the registration desk if they desire to have student attendance monitored. To make arrangements for a student sign-in procedure, please contact Tena Old at skeen@wsu.edu by March 22.