PULLMAN — Kenneth Haynes, professor of insect behavior and chemical ecology at the University of Kentucky, will lecture during the 15th Annual E.P. Catts Memorial Lecture. Haynes talk about bed bugs, entitled, “Resurging Bed Bug: Mysterious, Maddening and Motivating,” will take place at 7: 30 p.m. April 7 in the CUB Auditorium.
Haynes’ research program focuses on genetic, physiological, behavioral and evolutionary aspects of chemical communication in insects. He is interested in both the evolutionary origin and the diversification of species-specific pheromones. His research priorities are speciation and the evolution of sex pheromone blends; the origins of chemical communication; and aggressive chemical mimicry of prey pheromones.
The lecture is sponsored by Washington State University Department of Entomology & the Entomology Graduate Student Association.
The E. Paul Catts Memorial Lectureship was initiated in 1997 in honor of Paul Catts, who joined WSU in 1980 as the chair of the Entomology Department. Catts was a trained parasitologist and taught medical entomology at WSU for 16 years. His research interests were the behavior of biting flies, especially those of medical and veterinary importance. He was also a talented artist and illustrator; he illustrated and co-authored, “Manual for Medical Entomology.”