Some of the participating students.
PULLMAN – WSU offers a variety of spring break service opportunities for its students; next week a new one will be launched by the dean of students office.
“This pilot trip has shown that there is a great need for this program at WSU,” said Christian Wuthrich, dean of students. “More than 55 applications were submitted and 10 students were selected to participate.”
The 10 undergraduates, one grad student and one faculty member will travel to Galveston Island, Texas, to volunteer with One Mission Galveston, which helps low income residents rebuild their homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike in 2008.
“We will learn about resiliency by collaborating with the Center to Eliminate Health Disparities (University of Texas, Medical Branch),” said Gregory Hooks, professor of sociology. “Members will visit sites and people throughout Galveston, taking photos, videotaping and providing written descriptions.
“The students are not only going to serve and learn,” said joan.Osa Oviawe, program coordinator. “Part of the itinerary includes a day-tour of the NASA space center, a guided tour of Galveston Island and meetings with local residents and leaders.”
“Galveston Island is rich in history and historical landmarks,” Wuthrich said. “The quality interactions with different groups will benefit the leadership skills of our students.”
“The focus has really been on making this transformative,” Oviawe said. “We want students to become active and responsive local and global citizens.”
The new alternative service break program, open to all WSU students, is named 1-Week. There is a newly registered student organization (RSO) associated with it.
The office of the dean of students supports a variety of initiatives geared toward student success, safety, civility and emergency response.