Faculty who were awarded patents in 2010 will be among the honorees at the annual Showcase celebration of employee excellence on March 25. Those faculty, and their patents, are:
Tom Toyama (no longer at WSU), cherry tree PC7903-2;
Katrina Mealey, MDR1 variants (test for genetic mutation in dogs – see article here) and methods for their use;

Herb Hill and Maggie Tam, ion mobility spectrometry method and apparatus;

Dong-Hyun Kang, fluorogenic selective and differential medium for isolation of Enterobacter sakazakii;

Zhihua Jiang, Jennifer Michal and Matthew Garcia, calpastatin markers for fertility and longevity;

Zhihua Jiang, Jennifer Michal and Tito Wibowo, genetic polymorphisms in the corticotrophin-releasing hormone gene as markers for improving beef marbling score and/or subcutaneous fat depth;

Zhihua Jiang, Jennifer Michal and Galen Williams, polymorphisms in the urocortin 3 gene and their associations with marbling and subcutaneous fat depth in beef cattle;

David Bahr and Dylan Morris, piezoelectric transducers and associated methods;

Grant Norton, apparatus with high surface area nanostructures for hydrogen storage, and methods of storing hydrogen;

James Bruce and Nathan Kaiser (both no longer at WSU), ion-trapping devices providing shaped radial electric field.