Doug Collins, an educator for WSU Puyallup County Extension’s Small Farms Program, plans to increase the program’s outreach as a new member of the Tilth Producers of Washington’s board of directors.
Collins’ programs and research focus on soil quality and fruit and vegetable production for small and organic farms. Next year will be his first year on the board.
“This is a big deal both for me and WSU Extension program because partnering with (the Tilth Producers) helps us do a better job reaching farmers through community-based organizations,” Collins said.
Collins has been a member of Tilth Producers of Washington since 2000 and serves on several committees, including the journal committee, research committee and farm walk committee, a committee which organizes educational tours geared toward beginning farmers.
He said because farmers appreciate and react better to farmer-to-farmer education, he hopes the close collaboration will initiate and encourage such programs while still providing experts to field questions and present new ideas. The organization also strives to identify successful farmers and help them share their knowledge with their fellow agriculturists.
Collins has a doctorate degree in soil science from WSU and a master’s in Plant Pathology from Montana State University. He has previously worked for Ribeiro Plant Lab, Inc., Seattle Tilth Association and Washington Toxics Coalition.