PULLMAN – Al Cornish and Linda Crook have succeeded in finding their soul mates.

That’s why the two WSU librarians were wed on Dec. 16 at Wee Kirk O’The Heather Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas.

“We wanted to make our wedding extraordinary,” said Linda, WSU science librarian. “Neither of us had been to Las Vegas before, and the chapel we chose was the oldest in town with lots of history.”

Furthermore, the two opted to have the ceremony broadcast live over webcam for family and friends.

“We understood that very few would be able to fly to Las Vegas for the wedding,” Linda said. “This allowed everyone to witness the event without ever having to leave their home.”

Following the ceremony, the couple checked in for their four-night honeymoon stay at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas.

“This allowed us time to relax and enjoy the city,” said Al, head of library systems.

Al and Linda, who had their official first date on April 25 at Suchada’s Thai Cuisine in Pullman, have worked together at WSU Owen Science and Engineering Library since 2006. Yet, their first real interaction took place at the dog park in Moscow.

“We both owned dogs and were volunteers at the Moscow Dog Park,” Linda said. “Our love for animals helped bring us together.”

The couple owns four dogs and four cats. Personalized Christmas stockings were engagement gifts to each beloved animal.

“We definitely share a broad love of animals,” Al said. “Board games are another one of our favorite pastimes – particularly Parcheesi and Rummikub.”

Ultimately, Al and Linda plan to settle down in Pullman and continue their work with WSU Libraries.

“We’re excited to begin our new life together,” the couple agreed.

Pictures of the wedding ceremony and honeymoon can be located at http://www.flickr.com/photos/lindackcrook/sets/72157622933597875