Recent changes in the information universities can release about students will be highlighted in a training session 8:30-10 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 10, at WSU locations throughout the state via videoconferencing.

Successful completion of the online FERPA certification review and test is a prerequisite to participation.

Changes in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) went into effect in January. They include:
• Stricter guidelines for granting access to university employees and other officials to education records, including student schedules and class lists
• Greater emphasis on thorough identification of the individual when releasing information either in person or by phone
• Specific requirements for providing student records for research purposes or for studies conducted on behalf of the institution
The WSU roundtable discussion, sponsored by Human Resource Services and led by Richard Backes, senior associate registrar, will focus on how the changes are affecting systems and training at WSU. It also will include a brief overview of FERPA and a question-and-answer period. Reference material will be provided.
FERPA is a federal law that seeks to protect the rights of students and to insure the privacy of their education records. Online training for WSU employees is available through the Office of the Registrar. This roundtable discussion goes beyond the online training and encourages participants to ask questions and explore the finer points of the law.
To enroll online and for training locations, use the following link to access the course information page within your WSU online learning account, then click on the “Sessions” button: