PULLMAN – WSU has received the first ever National

Muriel Oaks

University Telecommunications Network (NUTN) Institution Achievement Award. In recognition of WSU’s commitment to technological innovation and distance learning, the award was presented June 23 at the NUTN conference in Saratoga Springs, New York.
NUTN is a consortium of telecommunications professionals from more than 50 institutions of higher education. They have a specific emphasis on distance learning and videoconferencing. “I was elated when I heard the news,” said Muriel Oaks, dean of the Center for Distance and Professional Education, which includes Distance Degree Programs. “In the 1980s, WSU went out on a limb as it found new ways to reach students. Now those innovative ideas have become templates for other universities.” The award “reflects WSU’s commitment to creating educational access across the state,” said Janis Hall, of Educational and Public Media, and the former director of Washington Higher Education Telecommunications System.  “It is a recognition of the creativity and hard work that has gone into our pursuit of quality distance learning over the past 25 years.”
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