News accounts have highlighted how the recent federal stimulus package could benefit WSU science research via grants and construction. But WSU English instructor Elizabeth Siler wants her colleagues to know the bill also contains money for the arts and humanities.
“There is $50 million included for funding through the National Endowment for the Arts,” Siler told the WSU Faculty Senate last week. “The stimulus contains money for more than sciences.”
The $50 million NEA funding in the $789 billion economic stimulus package is for grants and activities to preserve jobs in the nonprofit sector, according to the National Humanities Alliance. State and regional art agencies are to get 40 percent of that, while 60 percent is to go to competitively selected arts projects.
Social sciences, education
The bill provides $5.6 billion for science programs. But $2.5 billion of that is designated to include social sciences and $100 million for education and human resources programs.
“Bringing this funding to the notice of the WSU community will help College of Liberal Arts faculty and staff find in the stimulus plan support for the research contributions required of them,” said Jana Alexander, publications editor in the WSU English department. “It will signal WSU’s awareness that research in the arts and humanities enriches society in ways that equal research in the sciences.”
Websites help navigate details
Earlier news reports identified science and basic research – as well as the planned U.S. Department of Agriculture Research Science Building in Pullman – as areas where WSU might benefit from the stimulus bill.
Calls for proposals from the National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Energy and others are expected to come up in the next few months, said Esther Pratt, program specialist 2 in the Office of Grant and Research Development.
The OGRD has created a stimulus package website providing updated information as details unfold. Find it ONLINE
@ Funding opportunities that OGRD has identified as tied to the stimulus package are ONLINE
Links to specific areas developed by Pratt on the OGRD website include:
* NSF:
* NIH:
* National Institute of Standards and Technology:
* Education:
Pratt said she will add more information to the OGRD sites as it becomes available.
A helpful guide to see how the stimulus money is distributed can be found ONLINE