PULLMAN- The Compton Union Building (CUB) announces the installment of the Compton Union Historical Photo Exhibit from WSU.
Displayed in the central stairwell and in lower level meeting rooms the exhibit features over 100 photos showcasing the many eras of WSU’s history including early development of the university, John F. Kennedy’s visit to WSU, and the first Rose Bowl team.
With six focused categories including student activism, WSU history, WSU athletics, student government, CUB history, and performers at WSU, the photos offer informative captions and a glimpse into the past. This exhibit is free and open to the publics.
For additional information look ONLINE @ http://cub.wsu.edu 
(Photos by Tara Cunningham, WSU Today Intern)

Historical photos lining the stairwell in the CUB


The CUB in 1952

1948 students supported the creation of a new union

 building on campus and many went to the state capital to lobby.

A consent form totaling $1,500 was awarded on

 May 22, 1891, for the campus’s first building named The Crib.

The following year classes started.