Howard Grimes

The recently enacted federal economic stimulus package includes provisions for higher education and research universities. To update WSU faculty and help them take advantage of emerging opportunities, the Office of Research has created a website and will take questions via e-mail.

The website – The Informer: WSU Research Funding News & Opportunities – can be found ONLINE @ It includes information from Howard Grimes, vice president for research and dean of the Graduate School, as well as areas for comment and feedback. The intention is for faculty to find information, and to share their knowledge of individual agencies, programs and program directors that might be of help to their WSU colleagues.
Questions may be sent via e-mail to and the Office of Research will attempt to find answers in a timely manner.
“I encourage faculty to use these venues to benefit everyone,” Grimes said.
The research office also is in preliminary planning for one-day summer camps about funding opportunities afforded by the stimulus plan.
Leading up to plan approval, WSU representatives in Washington, D.C. advocated before Congress for the role of higher education and research universities in spurring the economy. Subsequent information from Washington delegation members will be included as the Informer website is updated.
“As a major research university, we will take advantage of this historical situation, and our participation will help spur the recovery that this act aims to accomplish,” Grimes said.