Photos by Judith Van Dongen, WSU Spokane
December marked the snowiest month in history in the Spokane area, with 61.5 inches of the white stuff falling. And January, so far, is offering no relief. 
This morning’s snowstorm has schools and colleges closed throughout the region, as well as nearly all major roads leading to the Pullman campus, including Highway 195 and Highway 27.
WSU Spokane is closed today. WSU Pullman is open. Employees are reminded to exercise caution and discretion when deciding whether or not to go to work. Check ONLINE
@ for updates.
During the past week the weight of the snow has caused a number of commercial buildings roofs to collapse in the Spokane area. 
Spokane and Pullman Facilities Operations crews have been working feaverishly to keep ahead of the ice and snow, as well as to repair water pipe leaks that occur — a tough combination in the midst of ongoing budget cuts.
The current forecast for the next five days in Spokane call for, yes, more snow.
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