Security was breached at Express Scripts Inc., the pharmacy benefit manager for the Uniform Medical Plan (UMP), but the effects on WSU participants are not yet known. Here is what is known.
* The breach occurred between January 2004 and December 2007.
* The FBI is investigating.
* Express Scripts announced in mid-November receipt of an extortion demand threatening exposure of personal data of millions of customers if demands for money weren’t met.
* Those making the threat demonstrated they had personal data of about 75 customers, but none were UMP members.
* Express Scripts has offered to provide assistance for victims of credit tampering.
* UMP or Express Scripts will be notifying current and past UMP members of the potential breach of confidentiality and sharing options including services and supports available.
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One option to help protect your finances includes putting a freeze on your credit reports.
To find out information about this process and if there is a cost, click on the following link to or to eHow.