PULLMAN – With snow in the forecast, Facilities Operations wants to alert the WSU community to several new areas where there won’t be snow removal this season.  Due to budget constraints and fewer employees because of the hiring freeze, Fac Ops carefully has considered which areas of campus can and cannot be maintained.
“Areas that are used less than others will be closed off and alternate routes will be provided” said Kappy Brun, Fac Ops Grounds supervisor.
While traffic will be kept flowing on campus, safety is the main concern, said Pam Hilliard, executive director of Facilities Support Services. Examples of adjustments might be one flight of stairs cleared instead of both, not all entrances accessible in buildings with multiple entrances, and routes closed where there are easily accessible alternatives.
Although Fac Ops plans to clear as much as it can, that will depend on the amount of snow that falls through the winter.
“Usually, with hand shoveling we can keep it pretty bare,” said Dennis Rovetto, director of Plant Services. “But this winter may be different. Be prepared for snow and use the routes that have been cleared.”
Tips for navigating inclement weather include: use snow tires, wear appropriate winter shoes, and observe the road and sidewalk closure signs.
New no snow removal areas:
* French Ad west plaza stairs to bridge and stairs to SW corner.
* Lighty north stairs, west flight only.
* CUB SW stairs to mall and SW entry onto Terrell Library roof plaza.
* Holland SE stairs to Terrell Library roof plaza and NW stairs off plaza.
* Troy Lane stairs along bottom of hill.
* Stadium south plaza; Stadium NE, three sets of stairs.
* Cooper Publication SE stairs.
* Wegner first floor sidewalk between two north side entries.
* Fulmer first floor north sidewalk between south entrance at Fulmer Annex to westernmost entry on south side. On College Avenue, the walkway between the two sets of steps and the entry between them.
* Fulmer first floor sidewalk between NW and west entries.
* Fulmer Annex second floor entry on east side of auditorium.
* Smith Gym stairs and entry from playfield level to SE entry.
* Bohler Gym, one set of stairs at NE entry leading to playfield level. An alternate set of steps is within 30 feet.
* Veterinary teaching hospital, south entry going into the office area.
* Animal disease biotechnology facility first floor sidewalk and entry into lobby between ADBF and vet teaching hospital.
* Bustad first floor sidewalk between west and NW entries and steps down to street.
* McCoy south second floor, east entry.
* Todd addition second floor north entry stairs that run up to Wilson.
* Todd addition second floor east entry sidewalk and stairs that lead to Terrell Mall.

In addition, a number of stairways may only partially be cleared. More areas likely will be added as the season progresses, depending on snowfall and staffing capabilities.