PULLMAN – Steven L. Hoch, whose appointment as WSU’s provost expired Oct. 31, assumed a tenured professorship Nov. 1 with the university’s history department assigned to the faculty of WSU Tri-Cities.
Hoch, who had been on personal leave since Sept. 23, was notified of his faculty assignment by Provost Warwick M. Bayly and Paul M. Whitney, interim dean of the WSU College of Liberal Arts. Hoch’s assignment is one of a number of recent academic postings to the WSU Tri-Cities campus, which began offering four-year degree programs only last year. He is expected to begin teaching classes at the Tri-Cities campus during spring semester, which will begin Jan. 12.
“With the introduction of the four-year undergraduate program at WSU Tri-Cities, there is a need to expand the campus’s liberal arts course offerings. Dr. Hoch will assist in this regard,” Bayly said. “The posting is one of several planned to augment course offerings on the growing Tri-Cities campus.”
Hoch’s salary will be paid centrally and his appointment will have no impact on the budget of the Tri-Cities campus. His assignment to the faculty of WSU is in accordance with the terms of the employment agreement he reached with WSU following his selection in May to fill the position of WSU provost. He joined WSU at that time from the University of Kentucky, where he had been dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.
Hoch began his appointment as provost and tenured professor in the Department of History on August 1. In late September, however, he took a leave of absence from his duties. Following discussions with Hoch and others, including deans, members of the senior faculty and vice presidents, WSU President Elson S. Floyd determined it was not in the best interest of the university for Hoch to return as provost.
Bayly, the former dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, was appointed to serve as acting provost during Hoch’s leave and on Nov.1 was named provost, a position he will hold for a minimum of two years.