Canoes, computers, cabinets and cars are a few of the miscellaneous items one can find at the surplus sales and auctions operated by Ron Redman and his staff.
As program support supervisor 2, Redman oversees disposal of all statewide WSU property, which ranges upward of 1,000 inventoried items at any given time.

“Anything no longer needed by WSU has to go through a disposal process, and the first step is surplus,” said Redman, who has been with WSU for eight years.

His challenges are the constant deadlines and large amounts of equipment always arriving, Redman said.

Weekly sales

To keep the merchandise moving — and because of their popularity — the monthly public surplus sales have become weekly events. Auctions will continue monthly.

Besides these public sales, surplus frequently sells specialty or unique items on eBay.
When any WSU department gets new equipment, or a building like the CUB is renovated, old items go to surplus to be sold or auctioned. Items can range from snowboard boots and surfboards from university recreation to incubators and other equipment from science departments.


“A few years ago, it was Mike Campbell (warehouse operator 3 supervisor) and me processing all of these items,” Redman said. “Now we have several staff members in our office and warehouse as well as temporary employees.”

Since the surplus department is not state funded, employees’ wages and equipment are derived from the items sold.

Surplus is unique because it’s the only authorized WSU department selling to non-WSU entities, Redman said.

“Surplus sales give a fair opportunity back to the taxpayers to buy the property,” he said.

The sales are hosted every Friday in the general storage building on Dairy Road. Surplus auctions are held roughly every third Thursday of the month.

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