It’s an election year, a good time to remember that the law strictly prohibits use of state resources for campaigning for candidates or ballot measures.
There are neutral forums at WSU, such as Pullman’s Glenn Terrell Friendship Mall, where employees may go to campaign on the same basis as any other user of the mall, provided they do so on their own time, are not given preferential treatment in reserving space, and are clearly speaking on behalf of their own interests and not for the university.
Besides use of state employee time during working hours, it is unlawful to use such things for campaigning as stationery, postage, machines, equipment, vehicles, office space and agency publications and clientele lists.
If you send political e-mails or phone calls from home on your own equipment and time, don’t send them to other employees’ WSU e-mail accounts or phones.
Supervisors have a duty to halt a subordinate’s use of state resources for political activities. Knowing acquiescence is itself a violation of ethics rules.
Ignorance cannot be used as a defense for legal or ethical violations.
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