Cancer grant available to junior faculty


Young faculty members are encouraged to apply for the American Cancer Society Institutional Grant; the deadline is Oct. 31.
The grants are $30,000 per year. Applicants must not have major extramural funding.
Get application forms from Diane Smerdon, Fulmer 517 or For more information, contact Nancy Magnuson, 335-0966 or

Next rent-a-rower weekend Oct. 11-12


WSU men’s crew will do manual labor for $10 per rower per hour 8 a.m.-6 p.m. Oct. 11-12 as a fundraiser.
If you need yard work, construction, painting or odd jobs done, just provide the materials and tools. To schedule a job, contact Jaron Lindbom at and put rent-a-rower in the subject line. More details can be found ONLINE @

Computer helpdesk expands hours


The helpdesk at Information Technology Services has expanded hours of operation to 7a.m.–7 p.m. to provide more assistance to WSU faculty, staff and students.
The helpdesk provides telephone-based computer and network assistance including troubleshooting, technical support and software consulting. Six full-time staff work staggered schedules to cover the job; they can be reached at 335-HELP (4357) or by e-mail at

Donate old magazines to art students


Have you ever wondered what to do with old magazines? You can donate them to the Fine Arts Department for students to use for collages and painting.
Professor Lo Palmer will pick them up anywhere on campus. Contact her at, 335-4155 or 335-8686. 
Chromosome patching complex
When chromosomes break, trouble usually ensues; chromosome abnormalities are the single biggest cause of birth defects in humans. But a new study of translocations, in which two chromosomes swap segments of DNA, shows that the chromosomes can splice the pieces together in a variety of ways with no ill effects.
The study sheds light on how and where chromosome breaks occur in translocations and how translocated segments of DNA are joined to their new chromosome.
Marzena Gajecka, research assistant professor at WSU Spokane and lead author on the study, said the most significant finding was how variable the sequences around the break points and in the junctions were in people who had no translocation-related symptoms.
Procedure reminder for external audits
 With the recent close of the fiscal year, WSU may see an increase in the presence of external auditors. The university assists these auditors in meeting their responsibilities to ensure the proper use of resources.
An employee contacted by an external auditor should:
• obtain proper photo identification
• cooperate with the auditor
• notify a supervisor and have him or her present for the cash count if possible
• contact the Internal Audit office after the count — or during it if problems arise.
Please see the policy at BPPM 30.14, ONLINE @, for details or contact Internal Audit at 335-2001.