PULLMAN — Faculty, staff and students on the Pullman campus are invited to the annual kickoff for the seven-week Combined Fund Drive 3:30-5 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 23, in the CUB senior ballroom. Refreshments will be served.
CFD is a state-endorsed workplace-giving program allowing employees to donate to local, national and international nonprofit organizations. For 23 years, the state of Washington and its CFD have been leaders among similar state workplace-giving programs nationwide. 
Two CFD goals are to create a spirit of giving and to let people know that any dollar amount is appreciated. 
“There are so many service organizations that go unnoticed as they faithfully, quietly assist people and provide services day-in and day-out,” said John Cory, volunteer WSU CFD co-coordinator with Laura Lahne. 
“While everyone is encouraged to give to any charitable/service organization that they are personally interested in, a special emphasis will be given this year to raise awareness of the more than 60 charitable/service organizations located in the Pullman community.”
Find more ONLINE @ www.cfd.wsu.edu.