As WSU expands its global presence, faculty members are seeking new ways to reach far-flung colleagues and audiences.
One crucial tool is conferencing, but the process can be fraught with difficulties. The event must be designed, speakers must be scheduled, and ideas must be refined into reality.
Help is now available on the Pullman campus. The Center for Distance and Professional Education is familiar with every facet of conference planning, from negotiating hotel contracts to setting up online meetings.
On September 26, the CDPE, in cooperation with WSU Extension, will present a live video stream that will discuss “the benefits of conferencing to academic, research, and extension units regardless of discipline, as well as showcase the services that CDPE can provide when a conference is being planned,” said Kelly Newell, assistant director of professional education.
Those interested in exploring the topic are invited to attend the event on Sept. 26 in Room T101 of the Food Science/Human Nutrition Building at 10 a.m. Those who cannot attend in person may also participate by logging on to: and clicking on either the “View w/RealPlayer” or “View with Windows Media” icon in the program title and description.
People in the live audience can ask questions, while those watching online can submit their questions by e-mail, fax, or by toll-free telephone call. The phone numbers and e-mail address will be given out during the hour-long program. Those attending are requested to turn off their cell phones and be in their seats by 9:45.
Studio guests for the broadcast include:
Muriel Oaks, dean of The CDPE
John Winder, associate dean, WSU Extension
John Thielbahr, director of professional education, CDPE
Kelly Newell, assistant director of professional education, CDPE
Videotaped comments from the following will also be part of the broadcast:
Nick Lovrich, director of the Division of Government Studies and Services
Anjan Bose, WSU Regents professor
Vikram Yadama, assistant research professor
Toni Fitzgerald, Master Gardener program leader, WSU Extension.
Topics will include the history of conferencing at WSU, how conferencing fulfills the traditional mission of a land grant university, and the relationship between the CDPE and WSU Extension.