PULLMAN- A half-day leadership workshop, COACh, designed for female graduate and professional students, postdoctoral fellows and faculty, is set for Oct. 3 and 4.
The workshops are designed to offer women the skills to succeed in achieving their goals in negotiations and meetings.   COACh uses a variety of instructional and interactive approaches and each session provides an opportunity for participants at different stages in their professional careers to share experience with each other and engage in small group discussions amongst their peers.
Participants will learn performance techniques about how to think strategically about professional challenges and leadership opportunities.  Also, the workshop specifically teaches women how to articulate a clear purpose, land their message, be heard, enhance personal presence, depersonalize attacks and manage hot moments.
For more information or to fill out the application form due Sept 15., visit the COACh website at http://gradsch.wsu.edu/current-students/profdev/coach/ 
Questions, Email Jean Sumner at COACh@wsu.edu
Funding for the COACh workshop is made possible by funding from the Provost, the Vice-President of Research and the Dean of the Graduate School, WSU College Deans, Regional Campus Chancellors, and a grant from NSF/NIH.