PULLMAN- Associate professor, Michael Hayes, will lead this weeks Socratic conversation in Cleveland Hall’s Brain Education Library from 3-4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept 9.

The topic, Empire: Globalization in a New Era,” will be the first of a monthly series of Socratic conversations.

Hayes, is an associate professor in the Department of Teaching & Learning.  He is known for his documentary films on topics of social concern in a local and global context.

The series will be sponsored by the library and the Education Graduate Organization (EGO).  It is meant to foster an enriched, informal intellectual community, said joan O’sa Oviawe, EGO president. The events are open to all, with faculty and students especially encouraged to take advantage of the occasion for collaborative learning, she said.

The Greek philosopher Socrates was known for using systematic doubt and questioning of others to elicit a clear expression of truth.

“Socratic conversations foster the intellectual growth of participants, in ways that provoke fresh thinking about significant ideas and issues,” she said. “According to mental health experts, our brains need this sort of ‘grand talk’ for continuous development, hence the saying ‘Use it or lose it.’ ”

Assistant Professor Sarah French, head of the Brain Education Library, said the Socratic conversations will provide the WSU community with an opportunity “to experience the Brain Library as a place for intellectual and academic discourse as well as a place to study, engage with others, or do research.”

Contact:  joan.O’sa Oviawe, 509-332-3875, joviawe@wsu.edu; or Sarah French, 509-335-2694, frenchsw@wsu.edu.