RICHLAND — The stability of boiling water reactors is the topic of a nuclear-related engineering professional development seminar at 12:10 p.m. Friday, Sept. 12.
The seminar is in room 256 of the West Building, 2710 University Drive.
Admission is free and open to the public. The session is being shared by videoconference with WSU Pullman in the Murrow Communications Center West (MURW), Room 52.
“Overview of Detect and Suppress Stability Solution Option III” is being delivered by speaker Dan Tinkler with AREVA in Richland.
Tinkler is a nuclear engineer working primarily in boiling water reactor plant transient analyses. He received his bachelor’s of science in nuclear engineering from Kansas State University and his master’s of science from Purdue University.
“Unstable density waves could occur in a boiling water reactor core under certain operating conditions: high power, low flow, and high core inlet subcooling,” Tinkler said. “These conditions could occur during the reactor startup and in an inadvertent recirculation pump trip. This presentation covers the basic phenomena and addresses the mitigation measures and licensing requirements to guarantee the safe operation of a BWR.”
This is the first nuclear-related engineering seminar in the fall 2008 series, which is being coordinated by Richard Stout as part of the WSU Tri-Cities Engineering program. Stout is a nuclear physicist and is president of the Eastern Washington section of the American Nuclear Society.
For more details on the nuclear-related engineering courses offered at WSU Tri-Cities, visit or contact Academic Director Scott Hudson at 509-372-7254 or