Several construction projects are continuing to progress at WSU Spokane and WSU Vancouver.  Following is a list of that activity.
WSU Spokane
Nursing Facility
Bruce Thompson, the Spokane director for Capital Planning and Development, said construction is moving along well on the 88,000 square foot Nursing Facility on Spokane’s Riverpoint campus.
The project is scheduled for completion in early fall, with classes starting the facility in spring semester 2009.
Only one sidewalk has been closed along with the single, westbound-lane of traffic on Spokane Falls Boulevard.
Restrictions haven’t created any problems with congestion or pedestrian corridors, Thompson said.
An unusual aspect of the site is its location over a former railroad trench. In fact, the entire WSU Spokane campus is built on old railroad yards.
Architects utilized the trench as an asset, creating a lower level outdoor plaza with landscape incorporated accordingly.
Estimated construction costs: $25,000,000
Total project budget: $34,600,000
WSU Vancouver
Applied Technology Building
The design process is just under way for the 56,250 square foot Applied Technology Building.
LMN architects from Seattle will spend the next year working on the plans, said Ryan Ruffcorn, project manager with capital planning and development. Construction is scheduled to begin in late Fall 2009.
One unique aspect of the project is that it’s collocated with a new building from the Washington Technology Center.
The Washington Technology Center building has received separate funding from the Applied Technology building; however, WSU Vancouver is managing the project, Ruffcorn said.
Construction start: 10/1/09
Project completion: 7/31/09
Estimated construction costs: $30,000,000
Total project budget: $45,064,000
Undergraduate Classroom Building
Construction is underway and remaining on budget for the new 58,000 square foot Undergraduate Classroom Building.
The building project is in its initial stages, including mass excavation and foundational structures, said David Smith, director with Capital Planning and Development. Currently, construction has required limited restriction on pedestrian traffic.
This will be the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified building on the Vancouver campus. The project is expected to achieve at least a silver certification, Smith said.
As a LEED project, construction plans will incorporate green practices including: emphasis toward natural, low maintenance landscaping, roof drainage directed and used for irrigation into planting areas, the use of sustainable construction materials such as recycled steel, and the overall orientation of the building to incorporate solar heating and energy usage.
This project will serve as a constructional-stepping stone as the campus transitions into a four year university. The design will reflect the established architectural character of the campus.
Construction start: 2/1/08
Project completion: 9/1/09
Total project budget: $28,000,000
Construction costs: $16,234,328
For a complete list visit the Capital Planning and Development website, click here