To the WSU Community:

The Library Road Phase III project will begin the next major phase of construction the first week of June.  This phase will focus on the core area near the intersection of Library Road and Terrell Mall.  The area is bordered by Murrow Hall on the west and Holland Library on the east, Van Doren on the north and Admin Annex on the south. 

Throughout the summer, this area will be fenced to promote a safe environment for the campus community. As such, there will NOT be continuous access through Library Road as there has been through much of the project.  This is a departure from previous intents to keep through access available; however, the incentives for phasing the work in this manner are significant. 

Among those incentives is the opportunity to deliver finished hard scape in the vital core area by the end of the 2008 construction season.  This means the fences in the core area will be removed by early fall, leaving the area to closely resemble the finished project. This will provide a more natural flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  Under the previous plan, this would not be accomplished until the 2009 construction season. 

To those of you who must access the site for critical activities such as trash service, loading dock drop offs, etc, those access routes will still be available.  We will publish revised maps in advance, so that adjustments can be made to your daily activities.  Please frequently check our website for updates, at:  Select “Detours” and then select “Pedestrian Detour” located on the Campus Map. 

Thanks for your patience and cooperation with the Library Road Phase III project.  If you have any questions or comments, please call WSU Capital Planning and Development at 509-335-5571