PULLMAN – Three fire officers returned to work at the WSU campus in Pullman today, following their reinstatement after a recent state Court of Appeals ruling.
Their assignments upon returning to work will focus on first aid classes, fire drills and other fire safety duties, and building inspections for fire code compliance.
David W. Grimes and Terry St. Mary initially will be stationed at the Student Recreation Center, where their responsibilities include providing first aid and CPR classes, performing safety audits, fire drills, fire extinguisher training, assisting with emergency medical calls and doing other work related to fire safety.
Randall Bennett initially will be stationed at the Public Safety Building, where he will help the fire marshal perform campus building inspections, fire drills and fire alarm system testing, and will assist in fire safety education.
“These positions will enhance safety on campus, and these employees are well-qualified to perform these duties,” said Rich Heath, senior associate vice president for business and finance. “We look forward to working with them in providing these important services.”
WSU closed its on-campus fire department in 2005.  In June 2006, the Washington Personnel Appeals Board acknowledged the university’s authority to close its fire department, but ruled that the officers could not be laid off.  Last month, the Court of Appeals denied WSU’s request to review that ruling.