PULLMAN —The WSU Conduct Board has revoked university recognition of Alpha Kappa Lambda, a fraternity found responsible for violating university policy and selling drugs on its premises.

The decision was made on Feb. 21 following a conduct hearing on Feb. 13.

Alpha Kappa Lambda was found responsible under the student code of conduct for the use, possession and distribution of controlled substances on chapter property; providing alcohol to under-aged students; holding an unregistered function, in violation of university policy; and operating without a live-in resident advisor, in violation of their Fraternal Organization Agreement.

In a letter sent to the fraternity’s president, University Conduct Board Chair Lisa J. McIntyre stated the loss of university recognition is effective immediately and the chapter cannot petition to regain recognition untilJune 2013.

“The intention of the conduct board is to ensure that most if not all of the current members of Alpha Kappa Lambda will have graduated and left the university before the fraternity regains recognition,” she wrote.

If the fraternity is eventually successful in regaining recognition, McIntyre said it would be on probation for an additional two years.

The loss of university recognition is considered severe punishment for any fraternity or sorority. The sanction prohibits a chapter from participating in any university events, receiving university support and services and impairs its ability to recruit new members.

Alpha Kappa Lambda may appeal the conduct board’s decision within 21 days.