They came with campaign buttons, yard signs and enough energy and enthusiasm to impress the most seasoned politicos. 
The nearly 300 attendees at the annual WSU Extension 4-H Know Your Government (KYG) Conference took politics into their own hands as they lobbied, gave speeches and asked 4-H teens for their vote to elect the next KYG governor.
KYG candidate, Heather Molvik
(left to right) Cory Jensen Mariah Adamson, Eric Boblick. from Pend Oreille County 
Twenty-one teen delegates vied for the position and came to Olympia prepared to discuss issues including transportation, energy, immigration and health care.  During the four-day event youth created a platform that took stands on those top
ics as well as education, the economy, the environment and safety.
Victoria Wilson, a KYG candidate, from Lacey (Thurston County) 
“Many adults think young people don’t care about politics but we’re paving the way,” said Michael Seidel, 18, a delegate from Deer Park who has been to the 4-H conference three times.
The candidates were narrowed to three with Caleb Klein from Edwall, Thorpe’s Gabby Eddings, and Alex Bistrevsky from Spokane Valley taking the top spots. 
After more speeches and an extensive question-and-answer session the final vote was cast with Klein receiving the nod. 
Ryan Baye, Campaign Manager and Caleb Klein, now KYG Governor, from Edwall
(left to right)
One of his first activities will be meeting First Lady Laura Bush at the Helping America’s Youth Conference in Portland later this month.
The 4-H Know Your Government Conference serves to strengthen the connection between youth and our political and governmental processes through education, experience, application and
inspiration.  Since it began in 1977 more than 7,000 teens have participated in the conference statewide.
Connor Wilson, KYG candidate, Republic (Ferry County)